CorePower System


If you only need to protect your essential circuits and thought a portable generator was the most affordable option, consider the benefits of the 7 kilowatt CorePower™ Series—the most affordable automatic standby generator on the market.

  • Starts automatically when the power goes out—whether you’re home or away—and provides immediate backup power.
  • Runs as long as necessary on your existing LP or natural gas fuel supply.
  • Prepackaged with an automatic transfer switch.
  • Costs about the same as a portable generator.

CorePower System 7 kW

gen_cps7kwGenerac’s new 7kW CorePowerTM  Series standby generator is a complete generator and transfer switch system, priced more affordably than any other system in the market. It makes choosing an automatic generator over a portable the obvious choice to manage power outages. The compact design is engineered for easy maintenance and serviceability, and is ideal when space is at a premium.