Generator Sales in Southern New Jersey

When the power goes out, you will be covered if you take advantage of Raynor Electric generator sales in Southern New Jersey. Generators are available to either keep your vital electronics and appliances operational when the utility grid fails, or to power your entire home as if nothing happened. At Raynor Electric, we have a wide variety of generators available to fit your needs.

Schedule a Free In-Home Consultation in Southern New Jersey

We will work closely with you to pick the right generator for you. We will analyze how much power you need for the items you want to keep powered in the event an outage takes place, and then help you choose the type of model that fits within your budget.

When you schedule a generator quote in Southern New Jersey, the following information will also go into determining the amount that you will pay:

  • The generator’s installation requirements.
  • The size of the concrete pad that needs to be built (if applicable).
  • The cost of the subpanel that must be installed near your original electrical panel.
  • The cost of the automatic transfer switch (if applicable).
  • The cost of any additional electrical wiring that must be performed.

Featured Generac Generator Models in Southern New Jersey

At Raynor Electric, we are proud to be an authorized dealer of Generac generators. Some of the Generac generator models in Southern New Jersey that we carry include:

  • The Guardian Series – This model is the top-selling home standby generator on the market. It can be used to back up your essential electronics and appliances, or it be used to power your entire home.
  • The CorePower System – This is a permanently installed standby generator that runs your essential systems. It costs about the same as a portable generator, but you don’t have to worry about running it inside or having extension cords running throughout your home.
  • The QuietSource Series – This is an ideal backup power solution for larger homes, as well as some businesses. It is powered by a low-speed engine that offers quiet, fuel-efficient operation.
  • The EcoGen Series – This is the only automatic standby generator designed to backup an alternative energy system, such as wind or solar power. This model can recharge your system’s batteries when you primary power source is disabled.


Generator Service & Preventative Maintenance in Southern New Jersey

Raynor Electric can also take care of all your generator service and preventative maintenance in Southern New Jersey. We are extremely familiar with each and every model of Generac generators, and we know how to keep them running as they should run. Some of the maintenance services we offer include:

  • Check Fuel Line and Flexible Fuel Line and Connections
  • Engine Fluid Levels Check
  • Change Oil and Oil Filter (2 Years or 200 hours)
  • Cooling Enclosure Louvers Check and Clean
  • Vibration, Noise, Leakage, Temperature
  • Battery Corrosion, Ensure Dryness
  • Battery Charger Check
  • Battery Cables Check and Clean
  • Battery Charge State
  • Battery Electrolyte Level
  • Check Voltage and Hertz Output
  • Inspect and Clean Spark Plugs
  • Replace Spark Plugs (2 years / 200 hours)
  • Apply Corrosion Inhibiting Spray Engine Parts
  • Replace Air Filter (2yrs / 200 hrs)
  • Electrical Connections Check and Tighten
  • Transfer Switch Operation (Verify Transfer)
  • Outside Enclosure Clean and Polish
  • All Electronic Controls Check
  • Engine Governor / Actuator Check and Adjust.

Generator Sales, Service and Installation in Southern New Jersey

Let Raynor Electric take care of all your generator sales, service and installation in Southern New Jersey by giving us a call to schedule an appointment. One of our technicians will show how we can bring you the peace of mind that comes with knowing your home will continue to operate normally even when the power grid fails.